Beverage Manufacturer Cold Storage & Distribution in Florida

Do you need cold storage and warehousing to store your products and keep them fresh? Let Central Florida Freezer serve you with our cold storage facility for beverage manufacturers in Florida.

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We offer accurate logistics, temperature-controlled rooms, and 24/7 security so your products maintain their quality, whether your freight includes water, juice, milk, soda, wine, beer or any other beverage. We take precautions to ensure our rooms stay at the temperature dictated by the thermostat. In the event of a power outage, we have plenty of backup generators to avoid product spoilage.

In the Florida heat, our cold storage solutions keep your beverage freight cool.

About Our Cold Storage Services

At Central Florida Freezer, we offer multiple options to keep your temperature-sensitive products at peak freshness. Our refrigerated facility is equipped with state-of-the-art temperature control devices that ensure precise cooling for total environment control.

Cold Storage

Our cold storage facility features spacious warehouses that maintain a constant temperature and are thoroughly sealed. Whatever the size of your perishable freight, we can customize our spaces for goods of all sizes and temperature requirements. We offer full-time temperature monitoring to ensure the safety and freshness of your products.


The freezers in our warehouse use modern equipment to stay within a range of 0 to 10 degrees. Our freezers are always prepared for efficient truck loading and unloading. We also maintain affiliations with organizations such as the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association and the American Frozen Food Institute.


Our climate-controlled storage facility is ideal for long-term cold storage. Our temperature-controlled storage will help maintain and extend the shelf life of your beverage products by keeping them at a uniform temperature. We use only the most advanced equipment to maintain this precise climate in our facilities.

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Beverage Logistics

Keeping your beverages fresh is only one facet of what we do at Central Florida Freezer. We also offer third-party logistics and distribution. With our beverage logistics services, your products can be stored, picked, packed, loaded and shipped correctly and quickly to ensure your distributor or end-user gets the right product on time.

Our 3PL services include picking and packing, cross-docking and full distribution. We utilize advanced software in our inventory-control process to ensure the right amounts of the right items arrive in the correct location. Our streamlined service makes trucking more efficient and contributes to our 99.99% on-time shipment rate.

Central Florida Freezer is a trusted partner for beverage storage, distrubution, and logistics

Why Choose Central Florida Freezer?

Central Florida Freezer serves a variety of beverage companies with high-quality cold storage and fast, efficient truck loading — all at a competitive price. We offer more than 5 million cubic feet of storage and hold a superior ranking in GMP/Food Safety. Our efficient truck loading process ensures we have virtually no detention, and we can turn a freight truck around every 15 minutes. We also provide 24/7 monitoring and security for total peace of mind.

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