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At Central Florida Freezer, we’re not just the premier cold storage facility in Central Florida — we also offer all of our customers third-party logistics services and solutions that meet your assembly, packaging, warehousing, and onsite integration needs. Our team has the most knowledgeable cold storage experts in the Central Florida area and we keep up with the latest temperature monitoring technology, transportation management, and warehouse management information to ensure we provide all of our customers with the most efficient and reliable 3PL services.

We utilize advanced inventory management software so you can ship your goods directly from the warehouse to your consumers or wholesalers. Our streamlined system has made trucking services faster and more organized — enabling you cross-docking capabilities so you can load and unload with greater ease.

As your company grows and expands, we want to be your solution for not only superior cold storage options, but also better supply chain management functionality with our advanced and comprehensive 3PL services. We understand your needs as a customer and strive to always develop exceptional logistics solutions to improve and create positive and lasting impressions.

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Benefits of Hiring a 3PL Provider

Many companies that provide quality goods may already have a supply chain management process in place, so why trust and rely on a company that provides 3PL services? With a third-party logistics provider, you’ll experience the following benefits and free up time to spend on core practices and initiatives:

  • Save Time and Money: By not having to constantly oversee warehousing operations, additional hired labor, transportation, and technologies, you can reduce operational costs. A 3PL company will also handle paperwork, billing, audits, training, and staffing, thus scaling your company’s supply chain operations.
  • Market Expansion: A 3PL provider will also have a more expansive network of distribution centers and warehouses so you will likely have access to new services areas where you can expand your presence.
  • Wider Fulfillment Network: Having a 3PL service company will allow you to expand in a quick and cost-effective way — many companies that outsource order fulfillment have wider networks where they can receive lower overhead costs, faster services, reduced shipping costs, and receive bulk discounts.
  • Added Scalability and Flexibility: For your cold storage needs, you may find that your inventory increases or decreases depending on environmental factors, seasonal changes or new product releases. A 3PL service will have the necessary space, labor, and transportation to provide adequate resources when you need variable storage space — giving you unmatched flexibility when you need it.
  • Continuous Logistics Improvements: With the 3PL services provided at Central Florida Freezer, we have the opportunity to constantly improve our services and expansive resources to offer all of our customers fast and efficient response times and more accurate order fulfillment.


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Florida’s Most Trusted 3PL Company

At Central Florida Freezer, we’re dedicated to meeting our customers’ expectations with not only top-quality cold storage options, but also 3PL services that will lower your overhead costs, make fulfillment more efficient and accurate and provide you with a wider network of resources. Our entire storage facility is over five million cubic square feet and uses 24-hour surveillance to safely monitor your goods. We utilize the best management software and advanced inventory control services to keep your storage and trucking services fast, efficient, and flexible.

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