Food Grade Warehouse in Florida

If you produce or sell perishable foods, you need a cool, clean and stable environment to store your products. When you have the right type of storage, you won’t need to worry about food going bad and can ensure the safety of everyone who consumes it. Choosing to work with a food-grade warehouse in Florida, such as Central Florida Freezer, will give you a streamlined solution for storing food from the fields of farmers that eventually goes to retailers or consumers.

The Types of Food We Store

Our Florida food storage facility is ideal for different types of products, whether you need a chilled or refrigerated space, freezer storage or a dry location. We will store your produce, such as fruits and vegetables, in the right environment. Our team can also handle dairy products, grain-based products and more.

Partnering with us will gives you the food storage space you need without impacting your bottom line. You won’t need to find your own warehouse space, hire trained employees or pay to upkeep the space. We offer a secure facility with ongoing sanitation and pest control for complete cleanliness. We’re committed to the utmost safety and cleanliness for our clients and their customers.

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Services at Our Food Distribution Facility in Florida

In addition to our food storage services in Florida, we also offer a variety of distribution opportunities. Whether you simply need to store your product or you also require full distribution services, Central Florida Freezer can help. Our distribution services include:

  • Full distribution: We’re a full-service logistics provider, and we’ll handle everything from managed warehousing to distribution services based on your needs.
  • Cross-docking: Take advantage of efficient logistics, as we unload materials directly from a semi-trailer or railroad car and load them right onto the outbound transportation.
  • Pick and packing: We’re experts in Florida food product storage and distribution, which means we’ve developed streamlined picking and packing for both small and large orders.
  • Third-party logistics (3PL): If you already handle part of distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment, you could benefit from outsourcing to a third party such as Central Florida Freezer. We’ll be happy to talk about your options.

Why Choose Us For Food Storage in Florida?

You need to choose a food-grade storage facility and logistics partner you can trust. Central Florida Freezer has an “Excellent” rating from ASI, which helps us provide a safe place for your produce. Other benefits of our facility include computerized WMS and web viewing of inventory, 24-hour surveillance and advanced inventory control services.

Our entire storage facility is over five million cubic square feet. In addition to benefitting from the space, we’ll help you lower your overhead costs, enjoy a more efficient fulfillment process and distribute orders accurately. Our main priority is customer satisfaction, which is why we’ll work with you to ensure you receive ultimate peace of mind when you choose Central Florida Freezer.

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