Benefits of Outsourcing Cold Storage

For many Florida businesses, outsourcing their storage needs is becoming a popular business practice. While it may seem beneficial to keep inventory onsite for close monitoring, with increased competition, rising operational costs and strict quality standards, outsourcing your cold storage needs is more effective and efficient than ever.

At Central Florida Freezer, we can help you add value to your company and provide reliable cold, climate-controlled, ambient and frozen warehousing for your perishable goods. As your company grows and expands, we want to be your storage solution but also your trusted partner in supply chain management and dependable 3PL services. We provide exceptional and streamlined logistics and storage with an advanced inventory management system, practically zero detention, cross-docking capabilities, a fulfillment center for direct shipping to clients or retailers and 24/7 security monitoring.






Reasons to Outsource Cold and Frozen Storage

If your company has attempted to warehouse and provide cold storage for products, you may already understand the unique challenges storage presents — harsh conditions for employees, costs to keep constant power and regular oversight with maintaining correct temperatures. To best streamline daily business operations, maximize space needs and be more cost-effective, consider outsourcing your cold and ambient storage. Benefits of outsourcing your storage include:

  • Better cost management and reduction: Operational costs for cold and freezer storage ranges from having to pay warehouse employees to overhead costs. By working with a supply chain and warehousing partner, you can be more cost-effective by not paying to fund and manage a customer service system, insurance, electricity and power, cooling costs and materials. These expenses can quickly add up when they’re not properly managed or practical for your business. With outsourced storage, you can have a steady monthly invoice versus variable costs.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Having a warehouse means you can have better control and flexibility over supply and demand fluctuations, and with a facility, you can store as much or as little inventory as needed. A warehouse partnership can provide additional guidance on inventory strategies, utilizing space and forecasts to better scale inventory and storage efficiency.
  • Focus on business values: Proper storage requires constant oversight and strategy that can detract from core business practices. Outsourcing cold storage means you can have more time to focus on business values and growth opportunities.
  • Security and monitoring: Having a partner whose sole purpose is to watch temperatures, maintain compliance and monitor inventory can provide immeasurable convenience and peace of mind. Outsourced cold storage can enhance visibility and control as well as mitigate overall risk when preparing for audits. At Central Florida Freezer, we contribute even more value with added monitoring by having 24/7 security and backup generators to ensure the quality of your inventory at all times.
  • Frozen Food Third-party logistics: The proper tools for effective management and shipping at your company may be limited, and an outsourced partner will provide added operational expertise, solutions and technologies that extend beyond the scope and capabilities of your business. The team at Central Florida Freezer offers a superior 3PL system that allows for better and more accurate inventory control, ability to ship your products to anyone and cross-docking and faster truck loading for more efficient operations.

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Keep Your Freight Cool with Central Florida Freezer

Central Florida Freezer is the most knowledgeable, efficient and reliable cold storage facility in the state. We specialize in a wide range of perishable food item storage, including cold and freezer storage, ambient storage and climate-controlled solutions — we can store any size inventory you have in our impressive five million cubic square foot facility. For all of our customers, we provide exceptional third-party logistics services for better inventory control and shipping capability, all offered at a fair and transparent price.

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