Common Challenges With Cold Storage Warehouses

Managing a cold storage facility can be difficult — successful operators should have a thorough understanding of industry standards and product guidelines, maintain the warehouse’s condition, stay updated on the latest developments and technological advancements and be efficient enough to keep operating costs as low as possible. By implementing the latest improvements, you can stay a competitive and effective cold storage warehousing company.

While being a proactive and innovative facility manager is essential to your company’s growth, cold storage management is a specialized skill unlike any other industry. This field presents a wide range of challenges that can impact your overall performance.

Challenges With Cold Storage Facility Management

Cold storage facility management is more complicated than standard warehousing locations because it combines the difficulties of providing sufficient storage and shipping solutions with ensuring products are stored at a precise temperature. If standards within the cold storage facility slip, it could lead to costly product spoilage and increased operational costs.

Problems with cold storage warehouses also include:

  • Designing Efficient Storage Layouts: Maintaining steady cold storage conditions may seem simple, but several external and environmental factors can negatively affect the storage areas. That’s why it’s crucial to have a well-designed, intentional cold storage warehouse layout. Practical solutions include a small cold area footprint to reduce cooling costs and high-density storage options to maximize the total amount of storage your location can manage.
  • Maintaining Variable Storage Spaces: Many cold storage facilities aren’t just offering regulated cold storage set between 32 and 37 degrees Fahrenheit — they also provide additional warehousing options, including ambient, freezer and climate-controlled services. Each of these storage options requires specific conditions and temperatures that must be carefully monitored and adjusted as inconsistencies emerge. Managers must diligently control humidity levels, moisture buildup, and seasonal changes, as well as ensure their storage units maintain a controlled environment to avoid spoilage and other damages.
  • Maintaining Quality of Rack Labels: In variable and often extreme temperatures, the barcodes and other identifying information on materials can become damaged, making it difficult to easily determine different types of products. Managers must have quality temperature-resistant solutions to reduce the chances of damaging labels and implement appropriate rack labeling techniques. Employees should also have easy access to real-time data on all products and goods for effective monitoring.
  • Reducing Product Waste: Every product stored in a cold storage facility requires specialized conditions to avoid spoilage and other damages. Changes in the environment, building inefficiencies, power outages, and equipment malfunctions can all contribute to negatively affecting the quality of your cold storage. Proper warehouses have round-the-clock monitoring to spot unexpected shifts and quickly address changes to reduce product loss, which is timely and costly.
  • Ensuring Employee Safety: Working in a cold storage facility can be hazardous for employees — they can slip and fall, suffer from overexertion or have adverse effects from prolonged exposure to cool environments. To prevent injury and save money on injury compensation, managers should create safe practice guidelines and enforce proper work attire like layered clothing, gloves with gripping adhesives and steel toe boots with non-slip soles.

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