Benefits of Cold Storage Automation

As your company expands, you want your trusted cost storage facility to grow and become more efficient alongside your operations. With increasing demand and desire to have your product reach a broader market, it’s essential for cold storage businesses to evolve and embrace the latest technology available today. The best solution cold storage facility managers can incorporate into their warehouse operations is cold storage automation. With cold storage automation, you can achieve more accurate storage and fulfillment and reduce overall overhead costs.

What Is Cold Storage Automation?

Cold storage automation is the idea of using robots to fulfill typical tasks performed by humans to run a cold storage warehouse. These systems are more advanced and flexible than previous automation programs and easier to incorporate into your daily warehousing operations. Now, automation in your cold storage warehouse can streamline your day-to-day operations using automated guided vehicles, storage and collection systems and item pickers. By utilizing cold storage automation, you can improve your business’s safety, functionality and efficiency.

Reasons to Implement Automation at Your Cold Storage Facility

Being accurate, reliable and organized is essential to becoming the best cold storage warehouse option available in today’s competitive landscape. By having cold storage automation, you can achieve all of these goals, streamline the operations of your facility and reduce energy and labor costs. Benefits of automating your cold storage warehouse also include:

  • Better Accuracy: With automation, you can have greater control and precision while selecting and shipping products. Automation selects the proper products requested, and you can customize the system to meet tight deadlines or delivery schedules.
  • Quicker Fulfillment: Cold storage automation reports fewer fulfillment errors, better selection, and overall more streamlined operations, which makes completing requests and shipping much quicker and more reliable.
  • Reduced Waste: Cold storage is often marked by spoilage, contamination and other accidents caused by equipment failure or human error that is potentially costly. Automation allows for closer temperature monitor and stock rotation, so any issues can be addressed quickly to avoid damages.
  • Energy Savings: By relying on automation, you can reduce the number of hours the lights in your facility are turned on, which can save you on upfront energy costs. With more lights out, you also won’t have to extract the extra heat produced by the bulbs. These small changes can eventually save you a lot on your annual operations cost.
  • Minimized Labor Costs: Fewer human involvement is needed to operate machinery and perform hands-on daily tasks when you incorporate cold storage automation into your warehouse, which can reduce payroll, health insurance costs and compensation insurance.

Let Central Florida Freezer Keep Your Freight Cool

Central Florida Freezer is the best and most reliable solution for storing your sensitive products and providing efficient shipping services. With our advanced, streamlined automation services, management programs, and trucking capabilities, we can stay flexible and effective in any situation. Our large-scale, monitored storage warehouse is perfect for accommodating any storage needs you may have — we specialize in cold, freezer, climate-controlled and ambient storage for several products including dairy, fruit, seafood, and water.

Give us a call today at 352-365-6969 to learn more about our cold storage automation services or to discuss your specific storage needs. We also invite you to fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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