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At Central Florida Freezer, we specialize in cold and ambient storage solutions and full distribution services for businesses located throughout Central Florida. We’re the leading experts in providing customized, climate-controlled inventory warehousing and shipping options for industries looking to save time and money, optimize their product storage and have a wider network to improve growth opportunities.

One of our best solutions for ensuring timely, accurate and cost-efficient inventory storage and shipment for our customers is with our effective picking and packing services. With systematic order picking, we can easily fulfill any size or type of shipping request to meet your specific needs.

Commercial Picking and Packing Services

With pick and packing services available at Central Florida Freezer, you can trust that small, diverse orders are easily fulfilled on a large-scale basis by utilizing a sophisticated inventory management system paired with streamlined processes. When you need to complete a specific inventory order, our team can easily find individually stored products from different areas to create a customized order for clients.

To ensure consistent and accurate fulfillment, we utilize several pick methods, including:

  • Piece Picking: Depending on the request, piece picking is the process of an employee individually selecting products for an order as the specific item becomes available.
  • Batch Picking: When all inventory is readily available at the time of the order request, employees will collect inventory in large quantities in one instance versus as the products come in.
  • Zone Picking: To streamline processes and fulfill large orders, zone picking involves assigning specific employees to designated zones to collect inventory in batches. If an order is comprised of items from multiple zones, one employee will select the necessary inventory then hand off the order specifications to the employee stationed in the next zone.

Once all of the inventory has been successfully collected, our team uses a detailed management system to pack every product into a properly sized box with appropriate packing materials to ensure it is delivered to its final destination without being damaged. With picking and packing services from Central Florida Freezer, you can experience obvious efficiency improvements, enjoy optimized inventory management and supply chains, and improve client satisfaction.

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Why Choose Central Florida Freezer?

At Central Florida Freezer, we’ve been able to achieve superior results and greater pick and packing success because of our state-of-the-art inventory management system paired with scanning verification technology for better product identification and quantity confirmation. When you work with Central Florida Freezer for your picking and packing services, you’re assured:

  • A Highly Trained and Experienced Team: Our cold storage experts are extensively trained in all aspects of proper cold storage warehousing and shipping solutions to ensure helpful, reliable services, and we work closely with clients to find personalized storage solutions to suit any business need.
  • Advanced Technology: We stay ahead of the competition by constantly optimizing and improving our systems and cold storage fulfillment methods with the latest industry standards.
  • Better Storage Facility: Our five-million-cubic-foot facility has the space necessary to accommodate various cold, ambient and freezer storage needs, and can handle various inventory sizes.
  • Inventory Monitoring: With 24-hour security and monitoring, we can confidently control the conditions of our warehouse and ensure the exceptional quality of your inventory.
  • Streamlined Transport: By incorporating efficient trucking services, we can accommodate various cross-docking capabilities with 99 percent on-time shipments and nearly zero detention.
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When you trust Central Florida Freezer for your cold storage and picking and packing services, you can expect superior quality and reliable, accurate services performed by experienced professionals. To ensure we always provide exceptional customer service, we offer a wide range of full distribution services to easily accommodate any business need, all available at competitive pricing.

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