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Maintaining perishable foods and beverages at ideal temperatures until purchase keeps everyone safer and healthier. Ensure all the perishable ingredients you sell or use remain appropriately stored with the help of Central Florida Freezer.

Our food storage facility in Florida provides you with peace of mind knowing that your food items are treated with the utmost care. Plus, our shipment rate hovers at 99.99%, ensuring we remain a top product warehousing and distribution facility in Florida.

Contact our team today about your cold food storage warehousing needs. We welcome the chance to impress you with our never-ending attention to detail, including unparalleled inventory accuracy.

Food Product Storage Services in Florida

As the preferred freezer and refrigerated storage facility in central Florida, we take pride in the broad range of product warehousing services we provide to our customers. Whether you need only one type of product storage service or you require a range of services to achieve your business outcomes, our team is ready to help.

Our services include:

  • Freezer storage: Featuring more than five million cubic square feet of freezer food storage, our facility truly has the capacity to meet almost any clients’ requirements. Each freezer area remains at between 0 and 10 degrees, keeping perishables frozen until you want to sell or use them.
  • Cold storage: At our warehouse for cold food storage, we mainly keep agricultural dairy products such as milk and eggs. However, we can store any type of product that requires maintenance at a low, but not freezing, temperature.
  • Ambient storage: Not every storage area at Central Florida Freezer focuses on keeping items at cooler temperatures. Our ambient storage facility offers a versatile and secure space to temporarily warehouse products in need of dry storage.
  • Full distribution: As a full-service logistics provider concentrating on product storage service solutions, we offer everything from managed warehousing to distribution services on behalf of our clients.
  • Cross-docking: Need to get your cold food or frozen or ambient storage materials distributed efficiently? Consider cross-docking to cut down on idle time between loads and unloads.
  • National and international destinations: Wherever you want your perishable items or dry goods to go in the world, Central Florida Freezer & Warehousing can help make it an affordable, effective reality.
  • Racked and non-racked environments: Your food storage needs may fluctuate between items that require racks and those that are freestanding. We can accommodate most any type of storage and keep your property damage-free.
  • Picking and packing: Over our years in the business of food storage, we have developed a comprehensive, trustworthy inventory system that features streamlined picking and packing. From piece packing to zone picking, we remain ready to fulfill your small and large orders.

Why take chances with an unproven product warehousing and distribution company in Florida? Let us become your reliable partner for cold food storage and more.

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Advantages of Choosing Central Florida Freezer

Central Florida Freezer is proud to announce our “Excellent” rating from ASI. Our company strives to do more for our clients, including offering computerized WMS and web viewing of inventory. Plus, we maintain the capability to build and lease to your specifications.

Why do we pay so much attention to detail? Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Building and maintaining partnerships with large businesses in the expedited distribution and storage process is our goal. In addition, we provide companies with the comfort of knowing that during storm season their product will be protected during a power outage by our full backup generator that is capable of running our entire facility.

Premier Product Warehousing and Distribution Facility

Place your trust in our perceptive and highly trained staff to retain your goods under total environmental control. Our refrigerated warehouse services are developed with your storage needs and priorities in mind.

To discover how our quality services can better serve your operational and consumer needs, contact us today. We are happy to advise you on the best course of action and explain our procedures in more detail.

Find out how we live up to our motto’s promise: “In the Florida heat, we keep your freight cool.” Call us for competitive pricing and a customized quote.

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