Providing Cold Storage for Large Scale Businesses

Who We Are

As the leading cold food storage warehouse in Central Florida, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service to our customers. We guarantee accessibility, trust, and total environment control of the food items you store with us. Notifying our customers of arrivals and departures and our supreme level of customer service is why large scale businesses choose us for cold storage and warehousing!

Why Choose Us

99.99% On-time Shipments
Truck turn-around every 15 minutes
Virtually NO Detention due to our service
Inventory Accuracy
24 hours 7 days a week Security and Monitoring
Superior ranking in GMP/Food Safety
Employee commitment & Management Expertise


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Our Leesburg Cold Storage Facility

Located in Leesburg, FL, our facility is newly renovated with 5,000,000 cubic feet of refrigerator, freezer and ambient storage. Regardless of the size of your shipment and inventory, we can accommodate your products and cold storage needs. We have full-time temperature monitoring, 24-hour videotape surveillance, and on-site security staff to ensure the safety of your freight.



The Importance of Cold Storage for Plants and Agriculture

Agriculture cold storage is important for preserving your plants, extending their shelf life, and saving your company time and money. If you’re in the agriculture or horticulture industry, you can rely on Central Florida Freezer’s state-of-the-art refrigerated warehouse to store your plants year-round. What Is Cold Storage in Agriculture? Plants need cold storage to extend their […]

Ensuring Uninterrupted Cold Chain Management

Industries that rely on storage and transportation for temperature-sensitive products like food, pharmaceuticals and vaccines need continuous cold chain supply management. Uninterrupted cold chain management safeguards product integrity, ensures regulatory compliance, protects public health, lowers potential financial losses and boosts customer trust. Your business can effectively manage the complexities of thermosensitive product management by prioritizing […]

Maximizing Shelf Life — Packaging for Cold Storage

Maximizing Shelf Life — Packaging for Cold Storage

Extending the shelf life of goods in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries is critical. The quality of medical and food-grade products can degrade during exposure to increasing temperatures, which triggers chemical reactions. Cold storage packaging can minimize waste, reduce loss and ensure products meet temperature-sensitive regulatory requirements. Empower yourself with knowledge of packaging materials, […]

Cold Storage Design

If you regularly transport temperature-sensitive products, it’s time to invest in a reliable storage solution. Cold storage facilities are expertly designed locations you can trust to keep your products in top condition before they reach your customer. Here are important items to in mind before beginning cold storage warehouse design.  Types of Cold Storage Warehouses […]

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