Climate Controlled Storage in Florida


When you need reliable and temperature-controlled storage options, trust the experts at Central Florida Freezer. Our climate-controlled storage unit is the ideal facility to store your food items that need to be stored long-term to allow for supply flexibility and to take advantage of seasonal demand. With our multi-temperature-controlled storage, you can maintain high product quality and extend the shelf life of your food items. Our climate-controlled storage facility utilizes precise, advanced equipment to maintain a steady temperature. Each cooling storage unit is equipped with a thermostat that ranges from low to high temperatures to ensure that temperature-sensitive products are stored properly— which is especially useful in this extreme Florida heat!

Our available temp-controlled storage is primarily used for clients seeking to preserve agricultural goods and fresh food items, including:

  • Seafood
  • Fruits, including blueberries and oranges
  • Eggs and dairy products, including cheese
  • Juice, water, and other beverages

At Central Florida Freezer, our team is dedicated to providing efficient and high-quality storage climate control and 3PL services by experts who understand the growing and diverse needs of business owners throughout Central Florida. We’re a full-service commercial storage facility focused on exceptional ambient, cold, freezer and climate-controlled storage. Our team keeps up with the latest temperature monitoring technology and warehousing and transportation systems to fully maximize and streamline your storage and management needs. Central Florida Freezer features a full distribution center, cross-docking capabilities and little to no detention.

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Why Keep Your Freight Climate Controlled With Central Florida Freezer?

Central Florida Freezer is the most reliable and trusted cold storage facility in the Central Florida area — giving our customers efficient and secure storage, management, and trucking options for all of their perishable and fresh food items. When you work with the experts at Central Florida Freezer, you’ll not only have responsive and friendly services but also have access to a wide network and facility featuring:

  • Superior and Secure Storage Units: With our cold storage units being over five million cubic feet, our temperature-controlled warehouse allows business owners to store as much or as little inventory as they need. Our multi-temperature-controlled units are constantly monitored to ensure the quality of your products and we utilize a backup generator in case of an unexpected power outage to ensure seamless and reliable temperature stability. To guarantee peace of mind, our facility uses the most reliable and advanced warehouse management software that uses 24-hour surveillance to watch your goods and we staff a full team of security.
  • Efficient Inventory Control and Truck Loading Services: Keeping accurate records of your goods can be difficult, but Central Florida Freezer provides 3PL services for all of our clients. These services help you save time and money and we’re constantly improving our system to be the most efficient in Florida. For all of your inventory stored with us, we can arrange to have your products shipped directly to consumers or wholesales. Our streamlined trucking operations feature cross-docking capabilities, allowing you to load and unload one climate-controlled truck during a single visit. We guarantee our truck loading services are the fastest and best prepared of all comparable climate-controlled storage facilities in the Central Florida area.
  • Trustworthy Affiliations: We pride ourselves on providing business owners throughout Central Florida with a technologically advanced, clean and regulated storage facility. In our dedication to remain your superior climate-controlled storage, we maintain ongoing relationships with the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, National Association State Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Poultry and Eggs Association, among many others.

Trust Central Florida Freezer With Your Climate Controlled Storage

To ensure your food items are preserved at the ideal temperature, call the capable experts at Central Florida Freezer. We guarantee the most competitive and fair pricing throughout Central Florida, matched with an advanced storage facility, state-of-the-art inventory control management systems and an exceptional customer experience.

If you are considering climate-controlled storage in Florida, speak to one of our specialists at 352-575-9988 or fill out our online form. You’re also invited to request a quote to learn more about our indoor temperature-controlled storage unit costs.


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