Full Distribution Cold Storage Facility in Florida

Central Florida Freezer provides Central Florida businesses with advanced cold storage, inventory warehouse management, and full distribution services, paired with unparalleled industry expertise and the latest and most accurate management, storage and shipping technology. With our customer-focused team, state-of-the-art five-million-cubic-foot cold and ambient storage facility, and efficient range of full distribution services, Central Florida Freezer has mastered the cold storage and shipping process, allowing our customers to lower costs, streamline operations and experience faster market growth.

Full Distribution Storage Facility in Florida

At Central Florida Freezer, we’re more than the most effective cold storage facility in Florida. We’re a full-service third-party logistics provider specializing in providing versatile, efficient warehousing, order picking, and full distribution services designed to accommodate a range of business needs and shipping requirements.

With Central Florida Freezer as your trusted full distribution storage solution, you’ll have access to:

  • Order Picking: With picking and packing capabilities, we can individually select stored items from different cases to customize orders and fulfill specific needs in only one shipment. When you incorporate order picking logistics into your storage and shipping strategy, you can achieve optimal supply chain management, improve inventory efficiency and greatly improve your bottom line.
  • Cross-Docking: Cross-docking improves operational efficiency and lowers costs for shipping large quantities of inventory. Our facility is equipped to seamlessly accept and unload new truck inventory, either transferring this inventory to a waiting outbound truck, placed in a staging area, or picked and packed based on your needs. With cross-docking, you can reduce the costs associated with warehousing.
  • Third-Party Logistics: By utilizing our third-party logistics services, you’ll have access to experienced cold storage and distribution professionals that work closely with you. We’ll design warehousing and shipping solutions that reduce your overhead expenses — including training and labor, ongoing technology improvements and onsite warehousing costs — and produce more efficient and accurate fulfillment and business growth. We have the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of needs and inventories, and by using advanced management and distribution systems, we can offer a wider resource network to allow for greater market expansion.

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Why Choose Central Florida Freezer for Your Warehousing Full Distribution Services?

Central Florida Freezer wants to be your trusted operational partner, providing you with cost-effective and efficient solutions as your company grows and evolves. Our highly trained and dedicated team of cold storage professionals understands various industry needs and expectations and creates a personalized, detailed full distribution plan to improve your business’s daily operational logistics. By working with the team at Central Florida Freezer, you can expect:

  • Timely truck shipments delivered anywhere.
  • Fast truck turnarounds every 15 minutes.
  • Virtually zero detention due to our streamlined cross docking services.
  • Advanced inventory accuracy utilizing state-of-the-art management systems to minimize loss.
  • 24-hour monitoring and security services to ensure continuous quality control.
  • Superior GMP/Food Safety ranking guaranteeing consistent, clean, regulated storage conditions.
  • Employee commitment and management expertise — all of our employees are highly trained to accommodate any cold, freezer or ambient storage need.

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For the most skilled and comprehensive Florida warehouse full distribution services, reach out to the experienced team at Central Florida Freezer, where our top priority is keeping your freight cool in the Florida heat. To ensure we always provide our customers with the best and most reliable cold storage full distribution services complete with order picking, cross-docking, and third-party logistics, we offer focused customer attention with free service quotes and competitive pricing models.

To learn more about our cold storage and full distribution services, call us today at 352-575-9988 or complete our online contact form.

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