Cold Storage Design

If you regularly transport temperature-sensitive products, it’s time to invest in a reliable storage solution. Cold storage facilities are expertly designed locations you can trust to keep your products in top condition before they reach your customer. Here are important items to in mind before beginning cold storage warehouse design. 

Types of Cold Storage Warehouses

Cold storage facility designs come in all shapes and sizes with one common function — keeping temperature-sensitive products safe. Some popular types are: 

  • Refrigerated containers: These options are the most cost-effective cold storage facility
    design solutions when storing goods in low quantities.
  • Blast freezers and chillers: The ideal storage option for larger companies can preserve
    high volumes of goods before sending them to customers or placing them into longer-term facilities. 
  • Cold rooms: These spaces are often large rooms used to store products that need to be kept
    cold for extended periods. 
  • Pharmaceutical-grade cold storage: Routinely used by hospitals, these warehouses offer
    useful features for items that require specialized storage, such as vaccines, blood and other
  • Custom cold storage facilities: Organizations can outsource their cold storage to dedicated third-party logistics (3PL) providers. 

Cold Storage Facility Design Tips

Preserving your products is crucial for your business to avoid goods going bad and prevent lost revenue. Instead, you can invest in developing a high-quality solution to maintain the low temperatures you need to keep your products in good condition. If you’re interested in creating a cold storage facility, keep the following design tips in mind: 

  • Capacity: Ensuring you have enough space to store your goods comfortably is one of the most important decisions you must make. 
  • Control: A dedicated temperature control system will enable you to monitor your space closely and ensure it’s at the right temperature for your needs. 
  • Flexibility: As your business evolves, you’ll likely experience fluctuating product
    demands, so you’ll want to create a space that can adapt to accommodate various shapes and sizes. 

Costs of Cold Storage Architecture

Consider costs when thinking about building your own facility. You’ll typically see cold storage construction expenses totaling between $250 and $350 per square foot. However, these prices can increase depending on maintenance, labor, technologies and other factors. Instead of putting a big chunk of your profits into managing your own, you can trust Central Florida Freezer and Warehousing to handle your cold storage requirements.  

How Central Florida Freezer Can Help

When you need access to a high-quality cold storage warehouse with an innovative design, you can count on our facility in Leesburg to help. We manage a newly renovated, 5,000,000-cubic-foot space with refrigeration, freezer and regular storage capabilities. Our highly experienced professionals maintain efficient workflows with truck turnarounds every 15 minutes, enabling us to deliver 99.99% of our shipments on schedule, saving your business time and money. 

No matter your industry, you can trust the Central Florida Freezer team to satisfy all your storage requirements. Contact our team using our online form or call us at 353-365-6969 to learn more about our cold storage capabilities. 

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