Benefits of Pick and Packing

When your company fulfills e-commerce orders, the process differs from traditional product fulfillment. You need to access the product to ship small amounts to one location instead of loading up a single pallet or truck to send to one distribution location. Picking and packing may be the best way to fulfill your supply chain needs if you offer customizable orders. 

How Does Pick and Packing Work?

The process of looking for one particular item is called picking. The process is much more precise than it sounds. Warehouses lay out products so that similar things sit near each other, giving order pickers less ground to cover when searching for order an item for fulfillment. The worker finds the item in the master carton and takes it for order fulfillment. Sometimes an order will include more than one item. 

Once everything has been secured, the packing portion begins. The order picker prepares the packaging material and adds all the items to the box or envelope, depending on the size of the order. The picker may include peanuts or other dunnage to keep the items safe during shipping. The picker places the receipt and any promotional material placed inside and affixes the shipping label to the box. 

After the item has been prepared, it undergoes a quality assurance check to ensure all items are included, and the box is not dented or damaged. The logistics company may handle the shipping and provide an email to the customer alerting them the order is on the way. 

How Pick and Packing Benefits Businesses

Using the most efficient methods of supply chain management improves productivity and cuts down on wasted time. Picking and packing isn’t a new process, but it is effective. While technology can expand fulfillment capabilities, systems take time to implement and don’t appreciably speed up the fulfillment process. Picking and packing has proven effective over the long haul, and warehouses know it is a reliable system. 

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Reasons to Use Order Picking

Here are three advantages of pick and packing:

  • Improved customer satisfaction: Picking and packing is a proven system that helps you fulfill orders on time and quickly get them out to customers. They will appreciate the speed at which they receive items, which is essential. Many shoppers say timely delivery will keep them coming back to a retailer. 
  • Excellent value: Picking and packing is a cost-effective method of distribution. It can reduce your operating costs because of its efficiency. 
  • Better organization: Pick and pack works best at an organized warehouse where everything has its place. Workers will be able to find items more quickly this way, and an organized warehouse is a more productive and effective one. 

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