Unexpected Items That Require Cold Storage

Most people think of ice cream, ground beef or frozen peas when they think of freezers. But did you know that there are many unusual – and often uncommon – products that need cold storage warehouses as well? Here are eight surprising items that need cold storage.

1. Vaccines

Many vaccines need to be stored in subzero temperatures to maintain their effectiveness. Vaccines that become exposed to higher temperatures can lose their potency, offering recipients less-effective protection against preventable diseases. Such errors can reflect poorly on the pharmaceutical company if vaccine recipients require an additional dose for the shot to work.

2. Cologne

The distinctive scent of cologne will fade if it’s stored at room temperature. Instead, cologne should be stored in a cold environment to retain its fragrance. Interestingly, perfume doesn’t need to stay cold to remain fresh. It does better at room temperature.

3. Seeds

Seeds must be kept quite cold so they will grow when planted. For most seeds, a refrigerator is fine, but you can freeze them for long-term storage.

4. Makeup

Eye shadow may be the last thing that comes to mind when you think of things in a freezer. Yet makeup of all types can benefit from cold storage. The low temperature kills germs that can form in makeup. You also lengthen the life of cosmetics when you keep them cold. Lipstick is probably the most likely to thrive in a chilly freezer, as cold temperatures increase its shelf life.

5. Artwork

While you can store most artwork at temperatures slightly above freezing without any ill effects, the oldest and frailest paintings can benefit from being stored in the freezing cold, retaining the vibrancy of the colors. The cold air guards against flaking and fading, two of the most frequent culprits for ruining pieces of art. The paint stays better preserved when it’s in colder temperatures.

6. Candles

Wax candles can change shape when they become warm, with long, straight ones becoming droopy or dented. Putting candles in a cool space protects their structural integrity as well as their color. Warm temperatures can lead to bleaching or irregular spots of color.

7. Flowers

Though most flowers thrive in the ground during spring, summer and fall, they have a longer lifespan once they’ve been cut if you place them in cold storage. The cold maintains the crisp blooms, so they look fresh instead of wilting.

8. Textiles

Some textiles break down when subjected to warmer weather. Dark, cold conditions hold the material’s integrity and keep it ready for use. Fur and wool are especially good candidates for cold storage. You may even hear from your dry cleaner that they store such items in a freezer-like structure, away from other clothing.

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