Why the Pharma Industry Needs Cold Storage

When companies store temperature-sensitive drugs in an environment that’s too hot or too cold, the medicine loses its effectiveness. A vaccine that needs to stay at subzero temperatures will not work as well if it has been allowed to sit at room temperature for half a day before being administered.

If pharmaceutical companies don’t follow medical cold storage guidelines, the businesses put their reputations at risk. Suddenly, their vaccines and other medicines may not be as effective. Instituting policies and protections to avoid this scenario are two of the many benefits of cold storage for pharma.

Reasons Why Pharma Needs Cold Storage

The right technology is critical for preserving the function of many pharmaceutical products. Just putting vaccines and other types of medicine in a freezer is not an optimal solution.

Keeping mediation at the right temperature requires sophisticated tools such as air thermal mapping, ensuring that chilled storage maintains the same temperature throughout the freezer. You don’t want one spot getting too hot or too cold. Mapping flags any ups or downs in temperatures, which may result from:

  • Ventilation issues.
  • Restricted airflow.
  • Heating or air conditioning fluctuations.

Suppose temperatures go above or below a certain point. When pharma uses cold storage, changes in temperature will trigger alarms at a well-run storage facility, alerting employees to take action and likely saving the vaccine or medicine.

Cold storage also provides the opportunity to store things at different temperatures. Many pharmaceutical facilities have limited space, which may mean only one temperature level in the storage area. But many vaccines and medicine need to be kept at different temperatures. Cold storage warehouses have the capacity and means to meet those varied requirements.

You also reduce product waste when employing cold storage. Fewer medicine or vaccine doses become spoiled, and your product’s integrity remains at higher levels.

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Cold Storage for Medicine Benefits

The advantages of medical cold storage for the pharmaceutical industry include:

  • Preserving reputation: Pharmaceutical companies need their products to perform to high standards, or hospitals and doctor’s offices won’t buy them. If a vaccine loses its potency because of incorrect storage, it negatively impacts a company’s reputation.
  • Improving peace of mind: Not having to worry about whether a product is stored at the right temperature allows your company to focus on other essential things, such as innovation and quality control. Stripping this responsibility from your hands frees you to do the work you’d prefer to concentrate on rather than thinking about logistics.
  • Freeing up space: When you outsource cold storage, you gain more space at your facility that you can use to increase productivity. Reimagine usage for the former cold storage space or incorporate it into a growing sector of your business.

Florida’s Trusted Cold Storage Provider

There are many uses of cold storage in the pharmaceutical and medicine industry, and many companies trust Central Florida Freezer with their medicines and vaccines. We provide cold storage and other services, including 3PL and the ability to distribute to wholesalers from our facility. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.

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