Benefits of Cross-Docking Services

Cross-docking is a great asset for any modern cold storage facility. This practice involves unloading goods directly from an inbound truck and placing them on an outbound truck with little or no storage in between loading processes. While may alternative warehouses may offer similar storage options and efficiencies, the ability to perform cross-docking services will let your company positively stand apart as the superior provider. By incorporating cross-docking into your list of provided services, you can gain a competitive edge, reduce operating costs and streamline your storage and shipping services.

Reasons to Implement Cross-Docking

Cross-docking is the best, fastest, and most reliable method for shipping products from one location to another without having to provide potentially unnecessary and time-consuming warehousing services between transportation. When you utilize cross-docking for your cold storage warehouse, you’ll experience the following operating and cost-saving advantages:

  • Reduced Costs: Using cross-docking reduces your handling tasks to simply loading, staging and unloading — you’ll virtually eliminate many warehousing opportunities, which can lower or even eliminate your storage maintenance associated labor costs.
  • Minimized Damages: When customers complain that their goods were damaged during the shipping process, then it’s likely that the package was handled frequently. This often occurs when companies attempt to lower shipping costs and use multiple shipping facilities to deliver a package. With cross-docking, you’re limited the amount of time and handling products have and can reduce the chances of products and materials being damaged.
  • Improved Shipping Speed: By eliminating storage during the shipping process, goods can reach their final destination in a more efficient and timely manner, which is especially beneficial for perishable foods and beverages.
  • Better Inventory Management and Space Availability: Having reduced stored inventory means you can achieve better inventory management results and minimize overstocking instances. By lowering the amount of inventory you’re storing, you can be more flexible with your facility’s available space — keep the area as practical storage pace or convert the area into a training and development space or additional sale area.
  • Increased Client Satisfaction: Cross-docking means you’ll have expedited shipping processes, reduced operating costs and lower pricing options, making the entire shipping and storage process easier and more cost-efficient for your customers. With upfront cost-savings and quick turnarounds, you can expect customers to keep using your services in the future to ensure they receive the best services.

For Superior Cross-Docking Capabilities, Trust Central Florida Freezer

Central Florida Freezer is the answer to all of your shipping and storage needs. Our trained and experienced team specializes in providing the most efficient and reliable cold, ambient, climate-controlled and freezer storage to a variety of businesses located throughout central Florida.

We’ve incorporated exceptional supply chains management processes, including outstanding cross-docking capabilities. Our advanced cold storage facilities boast better preparation for truck loading, so we can efficiently distribute any of your products directly to wholesalers. We’re also proud to feature nearly zero detention.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our cold storage and cross-docking services and options. Call us to discuss your storage needs with one of our team members. You can also request a free service quote by completing our online form.

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