Cold Storage Safety Tips

Cold Storage Safety

Like many hands-on jobs and working environments, working at a cold storage facility poses several potential health and injury risks for employees performing typical daily activities. With regular use of heavy equipment, exposure to extremely cold temperatures and damp, slippery surfaces, workplace injuries and mishaps in cold storage facilities can be common — employees are likely to experience accidents like falls, overexertion or cold-related adverse health effects.

By understanding common cold storage hazards, you can easily incorporate strategies and guidelines to avoid personal injuries, ensure a safe working environment and have efficient daily operations.

Cold Storage Warehouse Safety Tips and Precautions

When managing or working in a cold storage facility, there are a variety of environmental and personal safety hazards all employees should be aware of, and to avoid potential injury, proper cold storage safety precautions and guidelines should be proactively established and practiced.

In a cold storage workplace, the following dangers are often present:

  • Cold, damp environments
  • Slips and trips
  • Poor lighting
  • Confined spaces
  • Chemical storage and hazardous environments
  • Loud noises
  • Equipment failure
  • Cold storage lock-ins
  • Ice build-up

Tips for Preventing Injury in Cold Storage Facilities

5 Tips for Preventing Injury at Cold Storage Facilities

While there are several potentially hazardous conditions found throughout cold storage warehouses, you can ensure the safety and security of your employees and other guests at your cold storage facility by following these safety tips:

  1. Provide proper work attire: When working in areas with low temperatures, all employees should have protective clothing to prevent slips and frost-related health issues. Make sure employees have warm, layered clothes, gloves with gripping surfaces and steel toe shoes with non-slip soles. Also, make sure employees have easy access to a warm room with warmers and hot beverages.
  2. Provide employee training: When you hire new employees who will be working in cold storage units, require them to take and pass training modules before beginning work. This system can ensure they are aware of all risks and understand how to protect themselves. You can also establish cold storage safety requirements by having employees retake this training annually or whenever it receives updates.
  3. Practice regular facility upkeep: Keep your cold storage warehouse in pristine condition and safe by regularly removing any ice buildup and maintaining workspaces by clearing debris and promptly cleaning any spills. You will also want to check that your facilities are properly insulated from outdoor elements — leaks or gaps can cause inefficient energy use and slip risks for employees.
  4. Install safety features: To avoid accidentally having employees locked in cold storage spaces, create safety guidelines and install the necessary equipment. Only allow authorized workers into specific areas, ensure there is at least one clearly marked emergency exit that opens from the inside and install a battery backed-up alarm and lighting system that automatically triggers during lock-ins. Also, create a set of rules stating that all cold storage areas must be thoroughly checked before locking up.
  5. Mitigate fire risks: Cold storages often contain large amounts of flammable and combustible materials and products, from frozen foods and dairy products to cardboard boxes. These items can make cold storage dangerous in the event of a fire. Install sprinklers and test them regularly to ensure they work. Including fire training can also help ensure your employees know what to do if a fire occurs while working.
  6. Follow proper operating procedures: Always follow safety guides when using large machinery or equipment — like pallet converters or racking tools — to prevent and avoid unexpected equipment failures and potential personal injuries.
  7. Conduct regular health screenings: All cold storage employees should be periodically screened and tested throughout the year to ensure they’re physically fit enough to work in a cold storage warehouse. Those lacking necessary fitness may pose a threat to themselves or others.

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