Benefits of Combining Warehouse Management and Transportation Management

Whether you opened a small startup looking to establish a hold in your niche industry, or you manage a large legacy business, outsourcing aspects of your logistics makes sense. When you combine warehouse and transportation management, you improve your efficiency and have an opportunity to scale services to your needs.

In addition to those benefits of combining your warehouse management system (WMS) with a transportation management system (TMS), your company can better adapt to changes in the supply chain and improve your response to challenges when you synchronize warehousing and logistics.

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Why Combine WMS and TMS?

Your operations will run more smoothly when WMS and TMS cooperate. You can save time and money, both of which are priorities for most companies. Putting these complementary tasks together makes a lot of sense. There are four main reasons to merge WMS and TMS.

1. Improving Problem Solving Through Collaboration

One of the best arguments for combining your warehousing and transportation is getting both sides on the same page. It is easier to adjust and make changes in scheduling or create realistic timelines when the two components work together. Warehousing may be dealing with constraints on space while transportation anticipates challenges on timing and scheduling. By collaborating, they can solve these issues at the same time.

2. Increasing Communication to Head Off Problems

When the same operation runs warehousing and transportation, they avoid communication problems that cost companies money. For instance, if transport is running late but cargo that needs to stay at a specific temperature was taken out of the freezer hours ago for the trip, you could lose some of your product.

When WMS and TMS team up, both sides know about potential hiccups and can work together to avoid them. The supply chain acts as a single entity, so everyone stays on the same page and has the same expectations.

3. Meeting Deadlines Through Collaboration

Your transportation team can address minor operational hiccups that might usually lead to late shipments or blown deadlines when it works directly with the warehouse. One side can pick up the slack for the other. Careful planning leads to better adaptability. Both sides can spring into action when facing a challenge, such as changes in driver capacity or positioning products in the best locations for easy access.

4. Accessing Value-Added Expertise

When you outsource WMS and TMS with the same company, you can take advantage of their unique knowledge gleaned from working with both sides. They use their experience to improve their services, which also helps you. They will understand the needs of your supply chain partners and can optimize the processes that lead up to distribution. Plus, small companies can gain newfound access to big-box distributors through this expertise.

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