Drop Trailer Storage

Drop trailer services became popular due to changes in hours of service regulations. Truck drivers can only drive for a specific amount of time and have mandatory breaks, which are good for their health and well-being. However, taking measures to protect drivers has necessitated new services like drop trailer storage to keep the supply chain on track.

A drop trailer program can help carriers and shippers increase productivity, abide by these regulations and maintain efficient operations.

What Is a Drop Trailer?

A driver will leave the trailer at a facility for a specific time until someone else picks it up. Often, the trailer already has cargo that will also be left at the facility, but some drop trailers are empty.

Leaving a trailer at a specific location provides shippers and receivers more convenience for loading and unloading freight. In most instances, drop trailer services will result in empty trailers sitting at the facility. Sometimes these locations also accommodate trailers full of nonperishable items like household products or clothes.

Benefits of Our Drop Trailer Program in Florida

Using drop trailer storage programs can benefit shippers and carriers in several ways. For shippers, it can:

  • Create a more efficient supply chain.
  • Eliminate overpaying for the time drivers would stay with your freight.
  • Let you re-pack the cargo to your liking.
  • Allow you to load or unload the trailer at your convenience.
  • Provide additional storage for businesses to increase freight without the costs of expanding your facility storage.

For carriers, drop trailer programs can:

  • Help your drivers stop wasting time waiting for trailer loading and unloading.
  • Let you comply with hours of service (HOS) regulations.
  • Develop more consistent routes.
  • Prevent dock congestion, making the supply chain smoother.
  • Eliminate detention fees.
  • Raise the likelihood of on-time delivery.
  • How to Know Whether Drop Trailer Storage Is Right for You

Several signs point to drop trailer storage being the right program for you, including:

  • Orders that are not time-sensitive: If you have tight deadlines, drop trailer programs may not be the right choice. However, our program will serve you well if you have more leeway with delivery and shipping deadlines.
  • Nonperishable products: You can easily participate in a drop trailer program when you ship items that are not perishable. These services are best if your products do not have close expiration dates.
  • Good communication: Drop trailer storage programs can streamline pickup and delivery, boosting efficiency for companies that are up to the task. Your business must maintain open and consistent communication with all parties involved.

How Central Florida Freezer Can Help You

Choosing Central Florida Freezer for drop ship trailer storage has several benefits. Working with us, you get:

  • Almost no detention, saving you time and money.
  • More preparation for truck loading.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Cross-docking.
  • More efficient truck loading.
  • Access to a fulfillment center.
  • 24/7 security monitoring.
  • High-quality storage.

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If you think drop trailer storage is a good fit for your business, Central Florida Freezer can help. Our drop trailer program will help you increase efficiency, improve supply chain logistics, keep drivers safe and provide several other advantages.

Count on us for reliable drop trailer storage services in Florida. Central Florida Freezer has several affiliations with organizations in the industry, so you can trust us. Please get in touch with us online for more information about our drop trailer program in Florida.

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