Cold Storage Tips to Maintain Energy Efficiency

When storing fresh produce or perishable items, it’s crucial to sustain steady temperatures and a consistent environment to ensure the quality of your product, but regulating temperatures and ensuring the pristine condition of your facility can be difficult and costly if your property isn’t properly maintained. By keeping your cold storage facility maintained, you can increase energy efficiency, improve product quality and maximize profits for your business.

Keep Your Inventory Cool With These Cold Storage Tips

Cold storage is the ideal method for preserving the quality of your products and taking advantage of seasonal changes and fluctuations in supply and demand, but to maximize the profits of your business, you need to keep your storage facility updated and clean, as well as maintain the condition of your cooling equipment.

Consider these cold storage tips to boost your energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and grow your business’s profit:

  • Regularly Look Over Condenser Unit: Your cooling system’s condenser unit is responsible for removing unwanted heat from cooled spaces, and to have the most efficient operations, property managers should regularly clean the condenser unit, removing any built-up debris or dirt.
  • Check Evaporator Coils: Like the condenser unit, the evaporator coil helps keep the temperature in your storage space cold. Evaporator coils absorb heat and lower the temperature of the air. To maximize the efficiency of this part and maintain steady airflow, the evaporator coil needs to remain free of dirt and debris and kept clean.
  • Update Doors and Seals: Having old, worn seals or damaged doors can allow cool air to escape your refrigerated storage area. When cold area can easily seep through doors and seals, the temperature inside the space rises, causing your cooling system to work harder to regulate the internal temperature. This can result in premature wearing of your system leading to frequent breakages and repair costs.
  • Maintain Building Condition: Similar to having effective doors and seals, you should also check that your building’s structure is in quality condition. If your building has a damaged roof, walls or foundation then air could escape and prevent your systems from working efficiently. Look for signs of damages and worn materials caused by animal intrusions, harsh weather or age.
  • Switch Lighting: Traditionally, many cold storage facilities use floodlights, which use more energy than alternative bulbs, to keep their properties lit. To become more energy efficient, lower energy use and keep costs down, switch out floodlight bulbs with more efficient LED lighting.
  • Regulate Inside Temperatures: Routinely check the temperatures of your cold storage facility to note any unexpected fluctuations in temperatures — when you notice changes, you can quickly and easily identify any issues with your cooling system.
  • Create Inspection Schedule: Keep your building in pristine condition and ensure your equipment is efficient and effective by having regular maintenance checks scheduled. During inspections with a professional, you can closely monitor your cooling system and building and highlight areas of concern that may need future repairs.

Stay Cool With Central Florida Freezer

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