Ice Cream Supply Chain Management Tips

Everyone loves the taste of ice cream, but we rarely consider how these shipments get from point A to point B. Transporting ice cream is an achievable task, but there must be a focus on loading procedures, storage methods, and security so that shipments arrive in the proper condition.

If you’re looking to manage your company’s supply chain of ice cream, following these transportation tips will save you the headache of damaged goods, returns, and cleanups.

How to Safely Transport Ice Cream

It’s important to recognize the stages of your ice cream supply chain. Typically, orders originate at the main manufacturing plant where the product is made, packaged, and prepared for shipping to deep-freezing storage locations. Businesses ordering bulk quantities of ice cream rely on temperature-controlled trucks (known as reefers) to ensure all items in the cargo area stay at optimum temperatures.

Throughout the transportation process, goods should always be kept at a storage temperature of 0°F (-18°C) prior to consumption. Making sure your orders stay at this temperature is easier when you work with a cold chain supply expert for the following:

1. Monitor Ice Cream Temperatures

Consider partnering with an ice cream supply chain expert to have someone look over your storage 24/7/365. Selecting a dependable partner for your business gives you the satisfaction of knowing ice cream deliveries are under close watch.

Regardless of whether there is a power outage or a change in delivery plans, professionals with experience in this area can adjust controls, cater to the size of your shipments, and prevent product waste.

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2. Create a Custom Storage Plan

You may not need all of your ice cream orders to ship out immediately when purchasing in bulk. Make sure you explore your options for long-term storage between deliveries with a cold chain supply expert that specializes in the handling of food and drink. This is the best way to find a storage space large enough for tubs of ice cream with individuals following regulations set by the International Dairy Foods Association and other organizations.

3. Load Trucks to Match Demand

Your business will require a network of temperature-controlled trucks to send cold storage ice cream orders across the United States. An important ice cream transportation tip is to set the trailer temperature to the correct parameters long before loading begins. Loading crews must relocate ice cream quickly and efficiently so that cartons are not exposed to sunlight, drastic temperature changes, or environmental conditions.

Drivers are responsible for checking trailer temperature sensors when on the road, and all trailer doors have to be sealed tight once the ice cream is secure.

Central Florida Freezer for Ice Cream Logistics

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