Importance of Climate-Controlled Storage


No matter what the size or type of your inventory, you need reliable and efficient storage options to ensure lasting quality and extend product value. Climate controlled storage is an ideal solution for longterm storage, and it’s designed to keep items in a constant environment year-round by maintaining the temperature and humidity levels in the storage space.

The experts at Central Florida Freezer provide temperature-controlled storage options to better preserve your agriculture and fresh food items — including eggs, dairy, fruits, seafood, water, and juice — to take advantage of environmental changes and demand fluctuations. Each of our climate-controlled spaces is equipped with a thermostat to closely monitor any temperature changes, and our facility uses precise and advanced equipment to maintain steady temperatures throughout any condition.

Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality and reliable climate-controlled storage and 3PL services, and our experts keep up with the latest temperature monitoring tools and technology to offer you better and more dependable storage solutions. What makes Central Florida Freezer a unique and superior cold, ambient, freeze, and temperature-controlled storage facility is our excellent and secure warehouse, advanced inventory control system, efficient trucking operations, full distribution center, little to no detention and 24/7 monitoring.

Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Storage

For many food items, you need constant and precise temperatures to keep products fresh, avoid spoilage and maintain high quality. With temperature-controlled storage, you can easily adjust the temperature and storage conditions of your space to account for seasonal changes, humidity fluctuations and other factors that may affect the condition of your stored items. You’ll also experience the following benefits:

  • Storage variety and customization: Many storage facilities offer several different types of storage solutions to adjust for your specific temperature requirements and maintain steady, constant temperatures that extend the lifespan of perishable food items. These spaces also offer adjustable-sized units to accommodate different inventory sizes and shapes.
  • Adjusted temperature and humidity control: The temperature and humidity levels — typically kept around 55 percent — in climate-controlled storage units need to be closely watched to ensure the space doesn’t reach extreme temperatures leading to spoilage or mold growth. Improper monitoring could lead to product loss, wasted time, and expensive replacements. Based on varying weather conditions, temperature and humidity in units will be expertly controlled and adjusted to prevent inventory loss and damage.
  • Better storage conditions: Climate-controlled storage units are tightly sealed and monitored to not only maintain constant temperatures but also ensure superior environmental quality. The air throughout these storage facilities is constantly circulated to provide better overall quality, reducing instances of pests, dirt and other debris that could ruin countless items.

When You Need Temperature-Controlled Storage, Call Central Florida Freezer

To ensure your agricultural or perishable food items are properly kept at the perfect temperature and conditions, reach out to the professionals at Central Florida Freezer. Explore our wide variety of temperature-controlled and cold storage solutions by calling our team members or completing our online contact form to request additional information. To learn more about our competitive pricing options, fill out our online quote form.


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